Welcome to Gratis Games!

Gratis Games is the home of free games. Here you will find the Dark Dungeons and FASERIP role playing games, the Yeekband and Cthangband roguelike games, and a few other free bits and bobs for download. Have a look around and see what takes your fancy. It's all free and you may end up coming for one thing and leaving with many...

Blacky the Blackball

So Who (or What) is Gratis Games?

Gratis Games is not a publishing company, games company or an organisation of any kind. It is simply the (rather pretentious) name of a website.

Back in 2009, someone logged on to a D<&>D message board (The Piazza) and - needing to pick a username - thought up the name "Blacky the Blackball" (named after the blackball monster from the D&D Rules Cyclopedia) and started discussing D&D. Before long, during a discussion about retro-clones of old games, the poster rather rashly declared that he was going to write one.

That poster was me, and the game was Dark Dungeons.

While I was writing Dark Dungeons, it had its own development blog; and after it was finished that blog was turned into a static website for the game where it could be downloaded. However, since releasing Dark Dungeons I have also created other things - other RPGs, a roguelike computer game, and more.