Codename: Spandex

Codename: Spandex is a pen-and-paper role-playing game of super powered heroes, with addictive character generation and comic-book combat pacing.

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Codename: Spandex is a retro-clone game that emulates the game mechanics of another out-of-print game without using any of the copyrighted artistic presentation. For legal reasons, the name of the game being emulated is not mentioned anywhere within this site or within Codename: Spandex itself. However, this doesn't matter. If you know the game then you will pretty much instantly recognise it, and if you don't know the game then it doesn't matter - you can play Codename: Spandex on its own merits.

Codename: Spandex concentrates on handling one power level of super heroes well, rather than trying to cover all types of hero from the lowest powered street-hero to the most powerful cosmic entity. This power level is approximately that of the classic X-Men (without such powerhouses as Phoenix, Magneto and Professor X)

Character sheets for Codename: Spandex are included in the book itself, and can be easily printed from the PDF.

If you wish to discuss Codename: Spandex, or any of the other games on this website for that matter, the official forum for the game is graciously hosted by The Piazza, and can be found here: Dark Dungeons Forum.


The Codename: Spandex rulebook is available for download in PDF format.

The PDF document can be found here: Codename: Spandex.

Print On Demand

Codename: Spandex is available in printed form from the Lulu print-on-demand publisher. The printed version of the game is not totally free (you will have to pay Lulu for their printing and delivery services), but it is sold at cost price. There is no commission charged on the printed book, and I don't make a penny from it.

The game is available in softcover only, for reasons of economy. It is A4 in size with 86 pages. It is printed in full colour on normal grade (90gsm) paper. The book can be ordered here: Codename: Spandex Softcover Book